10 Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

The media has a very important role to play when it comes to listing out some of the most aggressive dog breeds in the world. There are even dogs like the Japanese Tosa, Tila Brasileiro, Dogo Argentino and the pit bull terrier which are considered too dangerous to breed or own in the United Kingdom. Such dogs are usually used by men as a status symbol to give themselves a tougher appearance. The only problem is that if such dogs aren't trained properly and aren't taught how to behave around strangers, they have a tendency to bark & bite when unknown people are around them.


There are a few dog breeds which were initially bred only for fighting and these breeds are far more aggressive than regular dogs and have a few unique qualities like a strong bite and not letting go after biting. This means that if they attack you, you will most probably lose a limb or at least a huge chunk of flesh. The only way to own the above mentioned dogs in the UK is by applying for an exemption from courts and following all guidelines which have been laid down in this regard.


But what most people fail to understand is that all dogs can bite if they aren't trained properly. When you let a dog be aggressive they start to believe it is what is expected of them and that is never good.


There was a report conducted recently which studied more than 6,000 dogs & determined some of the most aggressive breeds among them. According to this report, 10 of the most aggressive dog breeds in the world are:


1.  Dachshunds

2.  Chihuahua

3.  Jack Russel

4.  Australian Cattle Dog

5.  Cocker Spaniel

6.  Beagle

7.  Border Collie

8.  Pit Bull Terrier

9.  English Springer Spaniel

10.Great Dane


The Dachshund (also known as the sausage dog) was originally meant to be used to hunt badgers. In the report, it was noted that 1 out of 5 Dachshunds bit or at least tried to bite an unknown person and 1 out of 12 snapped at their owners.


But what these results really showed was that aggression among dogs was much more fierce than dog-human aggression. One major reason for this could be because dogs are primarily territorial and wouldn't want other animals entering their territory.


From the above list, you would have noticed that it's the smaller dogs which are surprisingly the most aggressive. It is important to understand here that since these dogs are so small, it may be in their genes to be aggressive so that they can counteract their small size and ensure their survival. And their small size means that they feel threatened by bigger dogs and can become aggressive to protect their territory quite quickly. And since most people believe that small dog breeds are cute, they tend to shower a lot of love and affection on them and if they fail to be the center of attention in later years (for example, if a baby comes along) they can become quite aggressive towards the new person that is taking away its "top dog" status.